Sabtu, 25 Juni 2016

Dunia Dharmacita, Dunia Penuh Warna (Dharmacita's World, Colorful World)

June 2014. Well, I took these pictures on June 2014, but I just posted it today, which is 2 years later. Hahahaha.. Sorry Kang Ibek & Teh Imung (nick name of Dharmacita's parents), that's my bad habit. Post something in my blog when I really really really want to post it. (no wonder if my blog has less viewer and not that update). :p

Dharmacita is a lovely little girl. She is so adorable, clever, and energetic. She definitely has very good expression. Yes! Very expressive! Most of her pictures are very very good. I had difficult times in choosing photos for this blog. Really. 

And when I looked at her photos, I do really think that her world is definitely a colorful world. 

So here is it, Dunia Dharmacita, Dunia penuh Warna..

Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

Dresden [part 1]

December 2013, Me and my friends, Amy, Soof, and Frederik, we were traveling to Dresden. It was a short traveling but I really enjoyed the city.
Dresden is an old city but it is really beautiful! Unfortunately I did not bring wide lens to captured the beauty of Dresden. 

I hope you enjoy these photos in Dresden that I took with my 55-250mm Canon Lens. :)

Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Freezing Bangkok & Nongkhai in My Camera

Last October, I was doing my first solo traveling abroad to Bangkok - Thailand and Vientiane - Laos. Before I went there, I planned to visit Bangkok and Phuket. But I changed my plan accidently and ran to NongKhai by train in about 16 hours journey then crossed the Mekong River and finally touched down at Laos. Actually in ordinary situation, you just need 12 hours to go to Laos by train. But on that time the railroad is underconstruction. I know it was a longgggg journey. But I enjoy it! I think that is the beauty of solo traveling. No need to worry about change your plan accidently, about what you eat, about how long that journey, about where you wanna go, and so on.
Anyway, maybe I will share about my first-solo-traveling-abroad to Bangkok and Laos in my another blog Christa Labyrinth later. (Bangkok & Nongkhai - Thailand - in this post, and Vientiane - Laos above this post)
For now, let me share the moment that i freeze in my camera... Freezing Bangkok in My Camera... Enjoy it!!

Kamis, 29 November 2012

Karal & Winny Prewedding Photo

'Till now, I've captured prewedding photos of several couples, but this couple, Karal & Winny are the funniest & the most 'petakilan' couple (I don't know what's 'petakilan' in english) :p. Their characters make this photo session easier for me as their photographer (coz I didn't have to take so much attention to set up their pose)
Thanks to Winny, who prepared many properties for they photo sessions. :)

So, here they are, Karal & Winny pre wedding photos..

Kamis, 06 September 2012

The Branch and Its own beauty

When I was coming to office this morning, I saw a beautiful sunrise behind the branch... It was so beautiful!! Then I thought, "the sun is beautiful, but the branch also has its own beauty which make that 'moment' become so beautiful"

Suddenly I remember some of my photos with branch as the object... I think, sometimes flower, tree, or leaves, are more interesting for some people. And many times, people avoid the attendance of branch...

The Insight of this post is, God has made everything beautiful!! Marvelous are His works.. And so does the branch... Even though it breaks often, people neglect and burn it.. But they forget that through the branch, the tree can make the leaves and the flowers even it can produce the fruit. Through the branch, the tree can grow up, get the sun light and creates food for it self.. 
God makes branch for His purpose in its own beauty..

So here they are.. The Branch and Its own beauty..

Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

Alfon & Lia Prewedding Photo Session [+ Behind The Scene]

last July, my friend Jecki who also a photographer, invited me to take pictures of Alfon and Lia [his manadonese friends]. Since I know that he is an experienced photographer, so I didn't think twice and accepted his invitation and became his photographer assistant :P (yoyoi banget namanya..photographer assistant :P).

So here are they, some prewed photos of Alfon and Lia also their 'behind the scene' snapshot...

Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

My Converse

I love converse so much! That's why I put converse's sketch as a part of "imajitha" logo above. Photos below are my own photographs of my "American Flag" converse except the first one... :D even though these photos looks filthy or 'dekil' in Bahasa :P But I still love my converse!!!

Thanks to my brother - Michael, who gave me this "American Flag" converse.. Thanks to my friend - Kak Atob, who took the first picture in this posting..

Minggu, 26 Agustus 2012

Tyas & Kiki Wedding Day

in this post, i wanna share my collage best friend Tyas & Kiki's wedding day photos. Tyas looks so georgeous on her wedding day!! "mangling-in" in Javanese language. Actually, Tyas & Kiki didn't ask me to take their photo on their wedding day. I just accidently brought my camera and took some pictures of them. So here they are.. photos of 
Tyas & Kiki's Wedding Day...

Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Erdian Maternity Photo Project

These photos are about my highschool best friend -Erdian-'s pregnancy. As you can see in these photos, Erdian has a beautiful white-skin. If snow white did exist in this era, she supposed to be her!! :) 

Here she is, Erdian, when her Akbarito (her baby's name) still in the womb.... :)

Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

The Beauty Color of Surabaya

Just like photos in “Surabaya – Tertawan di Kota Pahlawan” that you can find below this post, i took these photos in same day at same place - Surabaya. The difference between these photos and those photos below is only "the color". The reason I post them in different post just because I don't wanna blend "the mood" of those photos. 

By the way, I've also already posted these photos in my Facebook Account.. :P

Now, here I proudly presents, "The Beauty Color of Surabaya"..