Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Freezing Bangkok & Nongkhai in My Camera

Last October, I was doing my first solo traveling abroad to Bangkok - Thailand and Vientiane - Laos. Before I went there, I planned to visit Bangkok and Phuket. But I changed my plan accidently and ran to NongKhai by train in about 16 hours journey then crossed the Mekong River and finally touched down at Laos. Actually in ordinary situation, you just need 12 hours to go to Laos by train. But on that time the railroad is underconstruction. I know it was a longgggg journey. But I enjoy it! I think that is the beauty of solo traveling. No need to worry about change your plan accidently, about what you eat, about how long that journey, about where you wanna go, and so on.
Anyway, maybe I will share about my first-solo-traveling-abroad to Bangkok and Laos in my another blog Christa Labyrinth later. (Bangkok & Nongkhai - Thailand - in this post, and Vientiane - Laos above this post)
For now, let me share the moment that i freeze in my camera... Freezing Bangkok in My Camera... Enjoy it!!

Location : Bangkok, Nongkhai, Vientiane
Photographer : Christa Raisha Ribka Karindah

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