Sabtu, 25 Juni 2016

Dunia Dharmacita, Dunia Penuh Warna (Dharmacita's World, Colorful World)

June 2014. Well, I took these pictures on June 2014, but I just posted it today, which is 2 years later. Hahahaha.. Sorry Kang Ibek & Teh Imung (nick name of Dharmacita's parents), that's my bad habit. Post something in my blog when I really really really want to post it. (no wonder if my blog has less viewer and not that update). :p

Dharmacita is a lovely little girl. She is so adorable, clever, and energetic. She definitely has very good expression. Yes! Very expressive! Most of her pictures are very very good. I had difficult times in choosing photos for this blog. Really. 

And when I looked at her photos, I do really think that her world is definitely a colorful world. 

So here is it, Dunia Dharmacita, Dunia penuh Warna..