Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

My Converse

I love converse so much! That's why I put converse's sketch as a part of "imajitha" logo above. Photos below are my own photographs of my "American Flag" converse except the first one... :D even though these photos looks filthy or 'dekil' in Bahasa :P But I still love my converse!!!

Thanks to my brother - Michael, who gave me this "American Flag" converse.. Thanks to my friend - Kak Atob, who took the first picture in this posting..

Photograph By : Christa Karindah & Stenly W. (K Atob)
Wardrobe by : Christa Karindah 
Model : My "American Flag" converse
Location : mostly at Malaysia & Singapore, also Kalimantan

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