Kamis, 06 September 2012

The Branch and Its own beauty

When I was coming to office this morning, I saw a beautiful sunrise behind the branch... It was so beautiful!! Then I thought, "the sun is beautiful, but the branch also has its own beauty which make that 'moment' become so beautiful"

Suddenly I remember some of my photos with branch as the object... I think, sometimes flower, tree, or leaves, are more interesting for some people. And many times, people avoid the attendance of branch...

The Insight of this post is, God has made everything beautiful!! Marvelous are His works.. And so does the branch... Even though it breaks often, people neglect and burn it.. But they forget that through the branch, the tree can make the leaves and the flowers even it can produce the fruit. Through the branch, the tree can grow up, get the sun light and creates food for it self.. 
God makes branch for His purpose in its own beauty..

So here they are.. The Branch and Its own beauty..

Photograph by Christa Karindah
Location : North Sulawesi, Surabaya, Bandung

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