Senin, 30 Juli 2012

The Broken Ferris Wheel and The Swivel Photographer

Still in same place – Sentul, after we (Arin, Wilda, and I) finished our first photo session in OakWood Forest (you can find those photos in my previous post), we continued our photo session in a public play ground near by the OakWood Forest. There were so many playing machines for kids. But the most interesting playing machine that i chose for photo session was the broken ferris wheel.

Next, you can see Arin and that colorful big circle behind her in “The Broken Ferris Wheel and The Swivel Photographer”

Photograph by Christa Karindah
Location : Sentul
Make Up By Narindha
Wardrobe By Narindha
Model : Narindha

2 komentar:

  1. thaaaaaa......bagussss!!! aku mau digituiiinnnnn...jadi model maksudnya ;D

    1. ayooo kemooonnn..!! aku juga mau foto kamuuu.. kayaknya seru juga kalo moto kamuuu pinee..