Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Tertawan di Kota Pahlawan

I was going to Surabaya last year to arrang an exhibiton there. What? Last Year?? Hahahahaha.. Yes! Last year! Well, besides I had no time to retouch the photos and have posted them already at my facebook account, I'm also a moody type of person. I will post something whenever I want. But, sooner or later, I will post it! Just wait the surprise! :P

By its history, Surabaya is being famous with its nick name “Kota Pahlawan – Hero City”. I’ve named this album “Tertawan di Kota Pahlawan” [Prisoned in Hero City]. I wasn’t captivated there anyway. But my eyes and my camera were captivated by the beauty of Surabaya. If you never visit there, you have to go there someday! If you are the citizen of Surabaya City but never realize that there are a lot of beautiful places there, you have to wake up and thank God for this beautiful city! Anyway, the travel story behind these pictures will be posted in my another blog next time (if i got my mood to write the travel story) :P
So, right now, please enjoy the photo of “Surabaya – Tertawan di Kota Pahlawan”

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